Financial Independence with Miss Quirky – Step 1

Miss Quirky was established at the beginning of 20018 for two main reasons. First, I am over 40 years old and with no steady income flow. Two, creativity is something I have buried deep inside me for over two decades, so I decided it is time to make a few changes in my life. Get my guts together and establish a steady income flow, by doing what I love. I am also a mom to a wonderful soul to whom I wanted to be an example and wish him to always believe in himself, no matter the obstacles or challenges come his way, especially when cloudy days seem so stubborn and refuse to open up the path to the most beautiful bright sunshine to enter our souls.

I hope that by doing what I love, which is designing t-shirts and other accessories, I will inspire, give hope and awaken the hearts of others. This is why, most of my designs are motivational and inspiring, targeted mainly to women, young and mature divas, those who need a sparkle in their life. Also, I will be sharing here on my website, everything I do, so hopefully, others, who are in a similar situation will get some ideas and decide to make the first step towards a beautiful bright tomorrow.

How did I start my journey?

First, I started to design t-shirts. Before you say, it is easy when you know how to design, hold on your horses. I had no clue how to design t-shirts, clothing or anything as such. I did, however, know Photoshop basics (I needed these skills in my previous work), but designing t-shirts, nada. So, I turn to YouTube, online courses, and absorbed anything that had something to do with improving your design skills, learning how to design t-shirts and how to sell these. I turned this into a hobby business. Because if it is not a hobby it is not a business.

I still consider myself a newbie in terms of designing  I am constantly learning how to design t-shirts and how to use Photoshop. As from recently, I realised that Illustrator is something I should master as well. So, I opened the Illustrator and, well, at the moment just observing the basics. Anyhow, here is the list of places I learn from or search for inspiration and guidance, on a daily basis.

  • Phlearn:
  • Texas Gal Treasures:
  • Rj Martinez:
  • Charley Pangus:

Get a domain name from GoDaddy

This was my next step. After some brainstorming and based on the designs and target audiences, I thought Miss Quirky is a perfect domain name choice. With GoDaddy, it is easy to reserve the name (which I did) and also there are tons of info on what to do next, once you register your new domain name.

Create a website with WordPress

Once the domain was purchased, I found a hosting company to host my new domain name and WordPress website. I chose free WordPress option and choose a free template for the T-shirt store.

Open Facebook and Instagram account

To start building an audience, I thought creating a Facebook fan page and an Instagram account would a next logical step. So I did.

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:

Publishing T-shirt on Print on Demand Platforms

To find out if anyone would be interested in buying my designs, I opened an account on TeePublic and Merch by Amazon. I chose these to options (and there are many more) because I did not have to worry about anything else except to make sure I upload as many good t-shirt designs. These two platforms would deal with payments, shipping, delivery and customer services. Just what I needed.

Since the beginning of March 2018, I made about 20 sales, combined together on Amazon and TeePublic. Not much, but hey, a good start. 🙂

Online Advertising

I have tried using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads in order to create a buzz and make a few sales. Unfortunately, except for seeing a few likes, I did not make many sales. Most of the sales came from Merch by Amazon and TeePublic advertising. I might be doing something not so right. Think, think, think…

Shopify + Printful

Today (May 2018) I opened a Shopify account and integrated with Printful (print on demand platform). Still learning my way around and as soon I upload a few designs I’ll share the progress.

What’s next?

Joining a Mastermind Group or a Group with Similar Interests

To speed up the process of learning I have joined a few groups online:

  • 22Socialew – Constantly learning new things about online business. Highly recommended and it is free of charge to join.
  • Monica Perez Burnett – This is a closed membership FB group. I have just joined so still observing the environment. 🙂
  • Mastermind Group – Planning to either join one or set up a new Mastermind Group made of 4-6 people. Reason: Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, all met with groups of like-minded people on a regular basis, to help one another achieve common goals and grow (Called a Mastermind Group). I’d also like to meet up with a group of individuals (in-person or virtually), so we can learn from each other, push each other to work to our highest potential and get feedback from people alike who are trying to build a business just like me.  So, as said, this is a new thought and in a process where I will either join an already existing Mastermind group or start up my own.

This is the beginning. Stay tuned as I will soon write about my successful progress. In the meantime, if you like any of the designs on Miss Quirky website, feel free and hit the Buy button. 🙂

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